Next stop: Marmaris, Turkey

Outfit above
Top and hangbag: Tally Weijl | Shorts: New Yorker | Sandals: H&M

 My first time in Turkey was really really exciting and I have to admit everything exceeded my expectations. Especially the food. Oh my. The food was outstanding. Anyway let’s not get distracted-me and my mum were in Marmaris for 6 days in May and had some bonding time to ourselves. On the way from Bulgaria to the resort we visited the breathtaking sight of Pamukkale (“Cotton castle” in Turkish) and Cleopatra’s pool, where you can swim amongst  Roman ruins in crystal clear waters where Cleopatra is said to have met Mark Anthony for some quality naughty time. Apart from that one of the highlights of our holiday was the cruise we took. Relaxing and tanning with a Frappe/Mojito in your hand, while you are surrounded by incredible landscapes, was quite okay by me. The ferry took us to Turtle beach (one of the last breeding grounds of the Sea Turtles), where we had some free time to dip our feet in the Aegean sea.  A boat ride along Dalyan river to some rejuvenating mud baths followed, where we got to splash mud all over ourselves. Fun times. But my favorite part of the holiday was hands down walking around the old town of Marmaris. It is situated on a small hill, washed by the sea from two sides. The many many stairs take you to Marmaris castle. The old Mediterranean houses, overgrown with flowers and the narrow little twisting streets leading to them, were a delight to explore. The small cafes scattered around the old town left me smiling. Have I mentioned I adore coffee? On the way back from Marmaris we stopped at Kusadasi, did some exploring and took a walk to Pigeon Island. My camera decided to die at this part of the holiday resulting in no photos from there. *sigh* I had an absolutely ah-mazing time with my dearest mum, but of course it was accompanied by some technical difficulties and ridiculous incidents. They kind of are one of my biggest talents and a daily occurrence, but more about that some other time.  Oh well, at least my friends get to laugh.

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