Timberyard Seven Dials.

Not a very fashiony post , but still wanted to share, as I felt really good that afternoon and started getting into the proper Christmas spirit a little bit. Me and my dear friend Ola went to Timberyard Seven Dials in Covent Garden/ Leicester Square. This is the second Timberyard cafe with the original being in Shoreditch. She had heard it was good so it was in our bucket list for a while. I've been realizing how fussy I have become with my coffee so I am so happy to say this has become one of my favourite coffee shops in London and my future visits will certainly be plenty. It was not just the tasty tasty coffee or the absolutely unforgettable "Cheesecake Oreo Brownie", it was everything (the good company did help).The staff was extremely friendly, in a truly genuine way- not just asking you how you are and not even bothering to hear your generic "I'm good. Thank you" reply. We had a bit of an accident as the table, that came with our incredible making-you-want-to-lounge-there-forever-couch, was actually a couple of empty vintage suitcases stacked on top of each other (how cool, right?). Typical me situation: the water glasses slipped off the "table" and smashed into pieces, so that everyone in the cafe could lift their head off their laptops and give me a weird look. One of the guys came to clear it and was incredibly nice, making jokes and ensuring me that it isn't a big deal and it happens all the time. I hope so. This accident strangely somehow reminds me of my very short and quite unsuccessful catering/waitressing experience...

The cafe just made you feel at home. It wasn't identical to most of the other ones that have been popping up everywhere and also had the coolness factor without overdoing it like some other places. The food, including all the pastries, cakes and healthier options (they had a salad section as well) looked (and tasted) amazing. And everything had a twist from the traditional food you get at cafes. The coffee was perfect if I didn't mention already. After leaving I felt really happy without any particular reason and as we walked through the busy area on a Thursday afternoon, with all the Christmas lights lit up and the smell of roasted chestnuts, I finally realised that Christmas (as well as my b-day!) is coming.

p.s.: The cafe must have amazing Wi-Fi as 60% of the people were there with their laptops, so it would make the perfect working spot! Wonder where I am going to head to do my next assignment…

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